Managed Services

Non-technology based businesses are all technology dependent today. Service disruptions are costly – and avoidable. Whether you are a law-office, a retailer, or service based business, your systems need to work for you every day.

If you haven’t worked with us before and you are experiencing a tech emergency, call on us. We’ll be there to make things right. But we’re not just for emergencies - we want you to see us as a long-term partner. Our service Managed Services offerings are dialled in to provide expert, ongoing systems solutions that save you money and keep you focussed on growing your business - instead of dealing with emergencies.


“Houston, we have a problem.” When your team is grounded, your business isn’t going anywhere. Call on us to resolve challenges of any size.                                            


Did you know that we can help significantly avoid unnecessary downtime altogether? We monitor system functionality in real time to diagnose and address potential issues BEFORE they occur.

Plan for Growth

A senior network engineer will help you map and navigate a practical plan for smart, efficient and cost-effective investments to transition from your business today to your business of the future.

Whether your infrastructure is on-premises, in the cloud, or a mixture of both, our Managed Services offering include:

  • Real time monitoring tools that alert us to a problem (or potential problem)
  • Beyond ordinary, aggressive protection from email threats
  • Exceptional industry-leading security protection from ransomware (Anti-virus packages are only typically 20-30% effective)
  • System maintenance updates to ensure corrective and security related patches are installed across all systems
  • Phone and email tech support to ensure that you have access to trained experts to address any technical issue 
  • Detailed documentation of your current system setup so that our support is provided at maximum efficiency
  • Tracking of tickets to identify frequency and patterns with the goal to ALWAYS reduce the number of issues
  • Multiple layers of security based on a customized plan for your company’s current network and future growth
  • Regular notifications to communicate where your biggest risks exist and recommend strategies to protect yourself from downtime and costly service repair
  • Meetings at intervals to communicate where dollars are best allocated to provide the most stable, secure and high performance system possible

Don’t get hijacked by ransomeware!

Our security services include one of the only solutions that can protect companies from Ransomware.

Anti-virus packages are only typically 20-30% effective.

Business Continuity

Whether disaster comes in the form of user-generated error, a system malfunction or an act of nature, we always plan ahead to restore system files and functionality quickly.

Secured Back-up Services are the smartest and most effective way to ensure your data files and resources remain safe in the event of user generated, equipment based or other unforeseen disasters. We synchronize a combination of secure cloud-based and American-based data-centers in separate regions. You’ll have backups for your backups! And a team ready to put things right again in a flash.

More than simply the ability to restore from offsite backups, our approach to business continuity ensures that a major server can be re-launched within minutes on an alternate server is the primary equipment is no longer viable.

On the Ground, or in the Cloud?

Whether you prefer your data and infrastructure on the ground, in the cloud, or a little bit of both, our team keeps your systems secure and connected.